How it works: for travelers

Split the cost of vacation rentals, but no need to feel stuck to someone 24/7.

Explore openings

Whether it's a 1 night stay in a multi-person hotel room, a 7 day stay in mansion, or a weekend camping spot, explore and book openings around the world from our members and corporate partners.

Our friends are your friends

With Jetters' transparent guest list, you'll have a peace of mind by knowing who's going. Find your tribe with socially-vetted friends of friends, people you can trust more than complete strangers.

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Flexible travel itineraries

See what others in the same house plan to do during their stays, but have full flexibility over when and how much time you want to travel with your housemates. Share the vacation rental, but no need to feel stuck to someone 24/7.

Travel made affordable

Split the costs of your travel accommodations to either make traveling more affordable, or to upgrade to more luxurious housing. Previously, we've used the sharing economy to make superyacht charters in Maldives and shared mansions in exclusive enclaves more affordable.

A peace of mind

Travel with a peace of mind with our provided insurance coverage during the trip. Users on our platform will be required to verify their ID and pass a criminal background check. Your safety is important to us.


How it works: for hosts

Create pop-up co-living spaces of any duration using any hotel, Airbnb, or vacation rental reservation.

Create a co-living space anywhere, anytime

Fill up unused space in your hotel reservations or Airbnb/vacation rental bookings by selling open spots to members from our trusted network. List openings of any duration, whether it's just for a day, or for a 2-week stay.

Curate your tribe

Create your own community while on the go and have full control over who gets to join your reservation. See each requester's profile including information on basic info, mutual friends, travel personality, and travel compatibility. Everyone verified in our community will be background checked, and your booked accommodation will be protected by insurance.  

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Created by travel enthusiasts with trust in mind

We're a team of 3 from United Nations, SpaceX, and YC, with an insatiable thirst for adventure and community. We've done everything from traveling to Everest Base Camp, traversing Nepalese jungles with Shamans, spending half a decade living on 4 different continents, exploring over 100 countries, and hosting hundreds of visitors from around the world on Airbnb.

With decades of collective experience in travel, hospitality, and short term rentals, no one knows better than us how to perfect your travel experience. We've built Jetters with your needs for social, affordable, and unique experiences in mind, and are excited to bring to you soon the future of shared travel. 

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  • My trip to Mexico with Jetters was such a dream-- partly because of the unreal mansion, but mostly because of the people Jetters brought together for the trip. I'm giving Jetters all of my PTO from now on.

    Brenda Chen
    Founder, SF Girl Bosses
    Jetters superfan
  • This was the best trip I've ever had. I usually travel solo, but the people I met through my group trip with Jetters brought my experience to a whole new level.

    Michelle Wen
    Jetters superfan
  • Jetters is my home away from home.

    Aaron Santiago
    Engineer @ Google
    Jetters 3x customer
  • I’ve witnessed the individuals in each house form bonds beyond friendship and networking opportunities. The holistic friendships of each housemate was a fun twist of sharing a trip with someone who you may not ever considered to take on a trip.

    Jamie Barrientos